Package Examples!

Natural Light Package

Natural Light Photos

This package works best with homes that have light color walls and a good amount of window light. With the average range of 20-30 photos you can show off an entire property with a lower budget.

If you are looking for portfolio pieces then we recommend the artificial light package.

Aerial Photos

Some properties have attributes that can’t be communicated on the ground so we utilize drone technology to give a bird’s eye view of your property and its surrounding assets.

With our FAA Certification we can provide you with 4-6 aerial photos without the worry of illegally flying a drone in unknown airspace.

Video Slide Show

With our video slideshow you can give your target audience a simple hands off experience while providing them with all the contact information they will need. 20 of the best photos are used in these slide shows to catch the views eyes.

Sharing these videos on social media are a great way to draw attention to keep attention and generate interaction.

Artificial Light Package

Artificial Light Photos

If you have a property that needs magazine quality photos then this is the package for you. Containing  professionally composited photos our artificial light package is the way to go when the highest quality is needed.

Artificial Light Difference

Utilizing industry standard techniques and high powered flash photography our artificial light package generates picture perfect light for your property.

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